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Released January 16th, 2014

Grow up your business in Commanager
Commanager is a strategy game where the player needs to create and manage a commercial building area shops , services, and be mindful of everything and all clients to sell and enrich with your strategy.

With a completely whole new way for managing , Commanager bring for player the experience of having their own stores, hire, fire , replenish stock and more.The player will experience a fun and easy way to manage small and large businesses at various times from customers dealing with wills and more.


  • 4 different Brazilian cities to choose and play
  • more than 40 types of stores to build and manage
  • Daily events to unlock in-game
  • A lot of missions to complete and increase sales
  • Protest, fire , burglary and other situations to solve
  • Intelligent and ready to buy customers

and much more

additional :

  • The game is available in two languages ā€‹ā€‹: English and Portuguese and can switch them in-game
  • Day nā€™ Night System, month and year with commercial holidays for help sales