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We are always interested in professionals with creative profiles and portfolios. Send us your work.
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Games and software development

Gaming or software development is a thorough and complex job. That is why capable and dedicate professionals that have a good relationship and synergy with the team are essential characteristics to choose from.

The process is hyper-textual and that is the reason why, beyond technical and professional knowledge, culture savvy and creativity are very important characteristics as well.

The working departments are: programming, level design, 3D modeling, animation, graphical design, art direction, UX, UI, character design, concept art, sound design, soundtrack, voice acting, script writing, wording, proofreading and translation.

If you meet such requirements, are creative and have great ideas, send to us your work.


Oh! It is important that you let us know which kind of games you like the most and which games you are currently playing.

We will be in touch.

Skyjaz team.